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Mental distress

Perinatal mental health support in the UK

One in five women reportedly experience mental health issues during pregnancy or up to 1 year after giving birth (Royal College of Midwives (RCM), 2023a). Research in the UK shows that overall, mental...

Support for mental health issues

In 2022, PANDAS (2022) supported more than 10 000 parents and carers in need. Demand for our services is now 70% higher than pre-pandemic levels (PANDAS, 2022). There are many reasons for this sharp...

Training on cultural competency for perinatal mental health peer supporters

A total of 10 peer supporters were trained, with nine women completing the evaluation form. This immediate feedback showed that the training was generally well received. The majority of participants...

New mothers' mental health needs

MumsAid is a multi-award winning charity founded on the belief that early identification of perinatal mental health difficulties is critical and that support should be non-pathologising and easily...

Improving care for new mothers with postnatal morbidity in Ireland

As part of a larger mixed-methods study design, a cross-sectional survey was completed. The survey instrument was developed and validated from two questionnaires: the Satisfaction with Outpatient...

Perceived risk of COVID-19 acquisition and maternal mental distress

Perceived risk is a determinant factor for the way people perceive, judge and react to the potential risks of specific hazards (Mitchell, 2015). People assess risks using a combination of...

Mind matters: Developing skills and knowledge in postnatal depression

Depression is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide and is the highest cause of disease burden in women (Dennis and Dowswell, 2013) Postnatal depression has been defined by Diagnostic...

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