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Lecturer (Midwifery), School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester

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Asthma in pregnancy: Physiology, management and recommendations for midwives

Midwives will be aware that pregnant women are reflective of the society in which they live This incudes the prevalence of medical conditions; therefore, it is useful to set the context for asthma as...

Antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic stewardship, and the midwife's role

Antimicrobial—or antibiotic—resistance poses an urgent problem for midwives and public health authorities on a global level Antimicrobial resistance is defined by the National Institute for Health and...

Blood transfusion in the context of maternity care

In contemporary midwifery practice, the administration of blood transfusion (BT) has been relatively rare, compounded by the scarcity of blood, with an approximate incidence of 6% of BT in maternity...

Immune thrombocytopaenia in pregnancy: Key principles for the midwife

Midwives are experts in the care of normal pregnancy/birth, but are also professionally accountable for detecting deviations and initiating immediate referral to an appropriate expert (Nursing and...

Safe drug administration in midwifery

Safe drug administration is an NHS priority and fundamental standard of the Care Quality Commission (CQC, 2016); this is important because midwives' errors in drug administration are reflected in...

A national online survey of UK maternity unit service provision for women with fear of birth

There is no agreed definition on what fear of birth (FoB) is, largely due to the differences in its diagnostic testing (Haines et al, 2011) However, Areskog (1982: 263) defined severe FoB in women who...

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