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Neonatal transitional care: what it is and isn't

In the second article of my series exploring neonatal topics relevant to the midwife, I'd like to discuss the contemporary topic of neonatal transitional care (NTC) This is an area of particular...

Supporting women with breast cancer during pregnancy

Breast Cancer Now's website serves as a useful guide for up-to-date information on breast awareness

COVID-19: what are the physical and mental challenges?

The global emergence of COVID-19 a matter of months ago means that while its relatively thin evidence base expands, the need to interpret new findings with caution implies that the science of this...

Obesity in pregnancy

As the world changes, new pandemics come to light, stress increases, anxiety skyrockets, and in order to combat all of that fear, many develop certain ways to cope Some take exercise, some find...

The Poole approach to a smoke-free pregnancy

Targeted and personal support for pregnant women to stop smoking as early as possible in pregnancy is an important intervention to optimise the health of both unborn babies and their mothers, and for...

Importance of vitamin D during the antenatal period for maternal well-being

The best source of vitamin D is exposure to natural sunlight and 90% of vitamin D is derived from sunlight with 10% derived from food and plant sources (Paxton et al, 2013; Cannell, 2019)...

‘Please treat me like a person’—respectful care during adolescent childbirth

The risk factors, health implications and socio-economic repercussions of adolescent pregnancy and early childbearing is widely covered in literature The World Health Organization ([WHO], 2018a) and...

Against the grain: midwives' experiences of facilitating home birth outside of guidelines

Historically, childbearing women were generally young and healthy, yet societal changes and fertility treatments have meant women who are older or with pre-existing conditions becoming pregnant have...

Supporting childbearing women who are at risk of having their baby removed at birth

Applications for babies to be taken in to care at birth are at a national high. This results in significantly impaired life outcomes. A cycle of maltreatment model is presented. Social stigma,...

From graduation to practice

Induction with your trust usually happens within the first couple of days of starting

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