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Book Review

The Oxytocin Factor

Tapping the hormone of calm, love and healing This book is an unashamed sales pitch for the wonderful hormone that is oxytocin It seeks to enthuse the reader about this hidden gem that we all...

The evolution of the human placenta

The evolution of the human placenta This book has been dedicated to the obstetricians-gynaecologists who have collaborated with the authors over many years to improve scientific knowledge of...

Childbirth and the future of homo sapiens

Childbirth and the future of homo sapiens Michel Odent's ‘Childbirth and the future of Homo Sapiens’ (2013) aims to promote and inform discussion and debate around the changing views of childbirth...

When IVF fails: Feminism, infertility and the negotiation of normality

The book ‘When IVF Fails: feminism, infertility and the negotiation of normality’ is a long overdue and absolutely vital piece of writing Karen Throsby has drawn on her background in sociology to...

The Midwife's Tale: An oral history from handywoman to professional midwife

The Midwife's Tale was a joy to read and provided an insight into the rich history of midwifery that I was unfamiliar with This book would be a delightful addition to the collection of any midwife,...

Book review

This book has been written for a lay audience by Denyse Kirkby, a midwifery lecturer and public health practitioner. The book is intended as a ‘guide for mums-to-be looking for straight-up,...

Midwifery Practice: Critical Illness, Complications and Emergencies Case Book

As technology and innovation drive health and maternity care into the future, more women with complicated and specific health care needs are conceiving and giving birth. With this in mind, this book...

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success

Consider the scene: You have finished your research report/MSc dissertation/PhD and your manager/supervisor/employer asks ‘have you published?’ What do you do? Where do you start? How do you condense...

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