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Clinical Reviews
the best clinical articles available to midwives, which are written by experts and peer-reviewed by leading authorities in midwifery.
Research and Education
all the latest research findings and educational articles on areas of importance to midwives.
each issue of BJM contains a symposium, focusing on a key and topical area of clinical practice or research.
Student View
a student midwife's view on the issues and concerns affecting those seeking to join the profession.
With Woman
a mother's perspective on current issues concerning pregnancy and parenthood.
a review of the legal issues and practical requirements of providing midwifery care.
an informal look at the latest developments in midwifery, including an examination of innovative and interesting procedures coming out of daily practice.
how different countries care for pregnant women, including a look at national initiatives to bring down the number of mother and child deaths during birth.
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British Journal of Midwifery

BJM is essential reading for students seeking to enter our profession and a vital touchstone for those of us in education, practice, research and supervision
Paul Lewis, Professor of Midwifery, Bournemouth University

British Journal of Midwifery (BJM) is the leading clinical journal for midwives. Published each month, the journal is written by midwives for midwives and peer reviewed by some of the foremost authorities in the profession.

BJM is essential reading for all midwives. It contains the best clinical reviews, original research and evidence-based articles available, and ensures that midwives are kept fully up-to-date with the latest developments taking place in clinical practice. In addition, each issue of the journal contains a symposium on a particular theme, providing more in-depth clinical information.

BJM covers all aspects of midwifery in a way which is clear, easy-to-read and useful to daily practice. The journal is relevant at every stage of a midwife's career, and offers beneficial rates for students.

If you're interested in clinical midwifery and keen to further your professional development, then you should be reading BJM.

BJM is available through subscription or from selected newsagents and bookstands. Subscribe securely through this website and receive an exclusive website discount.

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