Alexandra Uytenbogaardt


Why pregnant women should consider getting the vaccine

‘Vaccination offers pregnant women the best protection from COVID-19’ .

How COVID-19 affects mother-baby contact

In the UK especially, it is widely accepted that physical contact between mother and baby from birth onwards is immensely beneficial for both Supported by UK Baby Friendly Initiatives standards in...

Pregnant BAME women at higher risk

Alexandra Uytenbogaardt, editor of BJM, explores the why women from minority groups are at higher risk during their pregnancy.

Supporting midwives on the frontline

From pressuring government bodies for adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies to piloting programmes to promote better mental health, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has been at the...

COVID-19's effect on midwives' mental health

Alexandra Uytenbogaardt, editor of BJM, takes a look at the impact the global pandemic is having on midwives' mental health.

Support—from a distance

The pressure felt by midwives on the frontline and the student midwives still continuing their education in order to graduate quickly is immense

Does COVID-19 affect pregnant women?

With much fear surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), there has been a rapid response by healthcare professionals and organisations from around the globe in trying to reduce speculation about its...

Promoting leadership roles in midwifery

Alexandra Uytenbogaardt, editor of BJM, discusses her interview with chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives Gill Walton.

Fathers staying overnight at the maternity ward?

Alexandra Uytenbogaardt, editor of BJM, discusses the ups and downs of fathers sleeping over at maternity wards.

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