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Andrew Symon

Senior lecturer, Mother and Infant Research Unit, University of Dundee

Plus ça change: Problems with memory and the importance of documentation (again)

A sure sign of ageing (call it experience, if you will) is the realisation that ‘we've been here before’. In 1997, I published an article in this journal concerning practitioners' recall of events...

New law on notifying female genital mutilation

A new legal requirement to notify the police of cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) has now come into effect. The word ‘cutting’ is sometimes added to the word ‘mutilation’ so that the initials...

Being sued for being rude

Reports of substandard care within the NHS are, sadly, part of our modern narrative. The Kirkup report into serious maternity care failings at the hospital in Morecambe Bay found that the unit was...

Landmark case on negligence and consent

Is it negligent not to warn pregnant women of possible clinical risks? This question is at the heart of a recent court case, which has significant implications for practitioners, as it lends legal...

Landmark FGM case: Doctors found not guilty

A landmark criminal case in London in which two doctors were prosecuted for performing and abetting female genital mutilation (FGM) has resulted in the speedy acquittal of both Dr Dharmasena was...

Should alcohol abuse in pregnancy entail criminal liability?

A case being heard in the Court of Appeal has raised the vexed issue of whether a pregnant woman could be held criminally liable if her actions damage her unborn child. The case concerns a woman who,...

Expert witnesses under criticism

The UK legal system is adversarial, and profound disagreements are bound to arise when opposing sides present or contest evidence However, there are well-established procedural rules and conventions...

Never mind the World Cup—Brazil in the obstetric spotlight

With a shrinking world and a mobile healthcare workforce, it is important for midwives to be aware of what happens elsewhere. In June 2014, the International Congress of Midwives (ICM) holds its 30th...

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