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Anna Melamed

Midwifery lecturer, University of the West of England

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Risk assessments and ethnicity in maternity care: looking through the wrong end of the telescope?

The Caucasian (male) body as the norm has long been noted by Black feminists (Hull et al, 1982; Crenshaw, 1988; 1991; Gishen and Lokugamage, 2019), and even the human genome project is replicating...

Trans and non-binary experiences of maternity services: cautioning against acting without evidence

This article presents a critique of the ITEMS study, based on its report (LGBT Foundation, 2022). The authors of this article argue that the study framing lacks clarity and balance, that there is a...

A post-structuralist feminist analysis of electronic fetal monitoring in labour

Young (1984) describes a pregnant woman experiencing birth as a dialectic state, a fluid and changing relationality as the woman–placenta–fetus becomes mother–baby. The woman neither controls the...

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