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Hidayat Arifin

4Department of Medical and Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

Pregnancy care for maternal and fetal wellbeing: an ethnography study

This research was conducted by a research team, which included a team leader, who was a maternity specialist nurse and researcher, as well as several other members, both male and female, who had...

Antenatal care in Indonesia: a nationwide study

This study used a cross-sectional design to explore data from the 2017 Indonesian demographic and health survey (National Population and Family Planning Board et al, 2018). The survey was funded by...

Unwanted pregnancy in Indonesia: prevalence and decision making

The participants' demographic data are shown in Table 1. Most participants chose to continue with their pregnancy (81.2%). The greatest proportion of respondents was from Java (33.4%). The majority...

Photobiomodulation: a cultural nursing intervention for physical and psychological adaptation

Physical and psychosocial adaptation concerns in postpartum women can lead to complications. This study used a research and development approach carried out in three stages. A tool was developed...

Determinants of caesarean section delivery: a nationwide study in Indonesia

A caesarean section was conducted for 2269 (17.7%) of the 12 789 mothers who gave birth during the 5 years before the survey. The majority of the births were by women aged 20–34 years (73.61%), those...

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