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Julie Jomeen

Professor in Midwifery; Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Midwifery and Child Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Hull

‘Welcome to the World’: parents' experiences of an antenatal nurturing programme

Becoming a parent is a significant transition, and is characterised by challenges as well as opportunities New demands and responsibilities can increase emotional vulnerability and may strain couple...

Maternal and paternal expectations of antenatal education across the transition to parenthood

Supporting parents-to-be through antenatal education classes has been recognised as an important prevention and intervention strategy (Department of Health, 2011)

What is traumatic birth? A concept analysis and literature review

Experiencing childbirth as a traumatic event is a factor that has been highlighted as contributing to poorer psychological outcomes for mothers Up to 30% of women in the UK experience childbirth as a...

Caesarean section by maternal request

The emergence of caesarean section by maternal request (CSMR) as a concept is closely related to a shift in the perception of childbirth from a physiological process to a medical one, as has occurred...

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