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Kevin Hugill

Senior Lecturer School of Health University of Central Lancashire

Caring for pregnant women with long-term conditions: maternal and neonatal effects of epilepsy

Worldwide, epilepsy is thought to affect approximately 1% of people (Grant, 2016) Though subject to various methodological (definitions of disease) and clinical issues (diagnostic criteria) this...

Revisiting infant nappy dermatitis: Causes and preventive care

Infant skin cleansing is a controversial topic and one about which proponents of different regimes have strong opinions (Hugill, 2014) Nappy rash and nappy dermatitis are broad terms used to describe...

Motivations and influences acting on women choosing a homebirth: Seeking a ‘cwtch’ birth setting

In the UK, only a small number of women have a homebirth Recent birth figures report that, on average, 23% of women gave birth at home in England and Wales (Office for National Statistics (ONS), 2015)...

‘Once a caesarean, always a caesarean’? Challenging perceptions around vaginal birth after caesarean

The benefits and safety of vaginal birth after primary caesarean section (VBAC) is a subject of considerable interest to midwives, and one which this journal periodically revisits Some of this...

The senses of touch and olfaction in early mother–infant interaction

For the human newborn, being able to recognise (and be recognised by) his/her own mother, locate the breast, latch on and feed are clearly evolutionarily important survival abilities Clear indication...

Neonatal skin cleansing revisited: Whether or not to use skin cleansing products

Midwives are commonly asked by parents for advice on how they should clean their newborn infant and what should they use on his/her skin The answers are not as straight forward as might be supposed...

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