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Marjan Khajehei

Clinical midwifery consultant women's health research, Women's and Newborn Health Conjoint senior lecturer, University of New South Wales, Sydney Senior research Fellow, University of Sydney

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Fear of childbirth in nulliparous and multiparous women in Australia

A total of 141 nulliparous women and 212 multiparous women completed the W-DEQ and FoBS questionnaires (the primary outcome). The DASS questionnaire was completed by 138 nulliparous women and 204...

Temporal trend of early pregnancy high body mass index in Australian women: risk factors and outcomes

High body mass index (BMI) is currently the world's most common health problem. From 1980–2015, the prevalence of higher than normal BMI has doubled worldwide and has increased continuously in most...

Primiparous women's narratives of confidence in the perinatal period

Pregnancy and childbirth are described as transitional phases or existential thresholds that childbearing women have to cross These events are multifaceted experiences with many dimensions, unique for...

Women's experience of their sexual function during pregnancy and after childbirth: a qualitative survey

Women's sexual function is a multifaceted phenomenon that mirrors psychological, physiological, sociocultural, inter- and intra-personal influences, including the health of the whole body and internal...

Labour pain relief in women with assisted conception and its effects on labour and birth outcomes

With the improvement of assisted reproduction technology, and greater public awareness, a growing number of children are born to women with a history of infertility (Sutcliffe and Ludwig, 2007)...

Labour and beyond: The roles of synthetic and endogenous oxytocin in transition to motherhood

In the course of spontaneous physiological labour, endogenous oxytocin is released from the pituitary gland and initiates uterine contractions However, when it is deemed medically necessary to induce...

Exploring postnatal depression, sexual dysfunction and relationship dissatisfaction in Australian women

Symptoms of postnatal depression are the main mental health problem following childbirth and are characterised by serious mood changes, sadness, hopelessness, feeling of worthlessness, fatigue,...

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