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Maryam Rouhi

PhD candidate, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health, University of Tasmania, Australia

‘Fallacy of normalcy’ in post-childbirth maternal morbidities: a feminist-pragmatist exploration

This study aimed to explore the key influences on women's help-seeking behaviour in the first 12 months post-childbirth. This study was conducted over three phases using a mixed-methods approach....

Vitamin D reduces postpartum depression and fatigue among Iranian women

For many women, the days after childbirth are associated with the experience of depression and fatigue (Klainin and Arthur, 2009) Fatigue has characterised by ‘a lack of energy, profound tiredness,...

Male child preference: Is it a risk factor for antenatal depression among Iranian women?

Depression is increasingly recognised as a serious, worldwide public health concern and a cause of disability (Klainin et al, 2009) It is well known that pregnancy and the postpartum period may be...

Postpartum morbidities in Iranian women 5 years after childbirth: A longitudinal study

Women's health after childbirth is attracting a more appropriate level of consideration than it has in the past (Vanderkruik et al, 2013) The incidence and prevalence of postpartum health issues...

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