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Paulina Ewa Sporek

Facilitating change on the front line

‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’ (Siltanen, 2011). Witnessing human nature at its very best can inspire and uplift you. It rivets your...

Individualised care in midwifery

One of the most important decisions to be made about birth is choice of caregiver. The key to making the right choice is having a dedicated midwife who has trusts that your body knows how to labour....

Can I wear my heart on my sleeve?

I had anticipated that I would cry when I witnessed my first birth. But I did not, my reaction was rather reserved. In fact, I felt more emotional watching ‘One born every minute’.

Deaf Nest: Time for change!

Hearing loss is one of the most neglected, under-researched and unrecognised public health issues affecting one in six of the population in the UK. It is widespread and growing with 14.5 million...

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