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Sarah Grogan

Professor of psychology health and wellbeing, department of psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University

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Talking about smoking cessation with postnatal women: exploring midwives' experiences

Maintenance of smoking cessation after pregnancy remains a challenge, with many women who quit during pregnancy relapsing by six months (Logan et al, 2017) Factors relating to relapse postnatally are...

Talking about smoking cessation with pregnant women: Exploring midwives' accounts

It is estimated that 11% of women in the UK smoke during pregnancy (Office for National Statistics, 2014) Smoking is recognised as a significant predictor for adverse outcomes in pregnancy, increased...

Women's experiences of body image and baby feeding choices: Dealing with the pressure to be slender

Women's bodies undergo many physical changes during pregnancy that may take them further away from their ideal body shape (Grogan, 2008), and some of these changes will carry over into the postpartum...

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