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The same, only different

On a visit to present the new model from the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) (2017), ‘Stepping up to Public Health’, to midwives in Sweden, I was struck both by how much we have in common and how much...

The Professional Midwifery Advocate

As we are all now aware, statutory supervision in midwifery has been revoked and the 2012 Rules and Standards are no longer functional Unprecedented changes within the profession are ongoing, leaving...

Learning and the capacity to care

As time moves on, there is a tendency to look back, with perhaps mixed emotions, on days past These moments can bring unexpected insights that help us to value what we have and what we have become

Mind your language

Certain words raise my hackles almost automatically One example is people referring to ‘nurses’ providing maternity care As I have shouted at the television and radio many times, no they don't! After...

Awards as motivational tools

Nominations for midwifery awards are upon us, and I frequently meet previous winners and nominees who remember with pride how their achievements were recognised Will you consider nominating a...

First movers and fast followers

The new model of midwifery supervision, Advocating for Education and QUality ImProvement (A-EQUIP), ‘aims to build personal and professional resilience of midwives, enhance quality of care for women...

The birth of our humanity

There is nothing so profound or influential in human life as the birth of a baby The start to life, people becoming parents, the family forming or reforming, will affect not only the individuals...

Do trainee nurse associates have a role in maternity care?

This week, I have been involved in the assessment of trainee nurse associates (TNA) via viva voce examinations As midwives, we have always questioned our remit, and if any aspects of the role can or...

A-EQUIP: The new model of midwifery supervision

Reflecting on my personal experience of statutory supervision of midwifery and considering the reflections of others, I am more convinced than ever that the new A-EQUIP (an acronym that means...

Midwifery in Shetland and Orkney

On one of my final visits as President of the RCM, I was keen to visit part of the UK I'd not yet seen With the new Director of the RCM in Scotland, I visited the most northerly islands of Shetland...

Simulation in midwifery education: Not just a passing trend

Within the last decade, simulation-based learning has become a key educational component in nursing and midwifery programmes to enhance clinical skills (Cooper et al, 2012) However, the concept of...

Engaged midwives offer better care

Better Births, the report of the National Maternity Review (2016), set out its ambition and advanced recommendations that, if implemented, will transform maternity services in England

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