The Oxytocin Factor

02 December 2014
Volume 22 · Issue 12

This book is an unashamed sales pitch for the wonderful hormone that is oxytocin. It seeks to enthuse the reader about this hidden gem that we all possess in the hope that we will reach deep within ourselves to harness its power. When the world around us is fraught with stress and anxiety causing us to release health-harming chemicals into our system, this book leads you to believe that oxytocin will be our saviour.

It is a well-known fact that our lives have changed exponentially over the last century. While we can now enjoy some of the luxuries that were not previously afforded to us, we constantly sacrifice down time by setting high expectations of ourselves and allowing our daily lives to be invaded by a barrage of information, mainly driven by technology. Our bodies cannot distinguish between a family crisis and the latest offensive video circulating on Facebook, so it responds by releasing the same flight or fight hormones into our system.

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