When Breastfeeding Sucks by Zainab Yate

02 March 2021
Volume 29 · Issue 3


A review of the book 'Why breastfeeding sucks' by Zainab Yate.

When it comes to pregnancy, there are a lot of topics to discuss but one that gets swept under the table can be the negatives of breastfeeding. One such negative is aversion: when a mother feels negative emotions towards her baby when breastfeeding and thoughts of feeling like a ‘prisoner’ or ‘violated’ while they are breastfeeding. Zainab Yate, an independent researcher and campaigner, breaks down all of the feelings, thoughts and facts related to breastfeeding in ‘When Breastfeeding Sucks’.

In this book, Yate is able to connect one-on-one with her audience and can relate to them. She brings forth facts, statistics, charts and so much more through her book. Not only is she able to connect with mothers but she speaks about different cultures, languages and she breaks down the perfect mother that was emphasised in the past. She really shows a very widespread viewpoint on breastfeeding aversion.

One of the topics that really stuck with me was when Yate first introduced aversion. I did not know much on the topic going into reading this book but I left with so much knowledge and appreciation for breastfeeding mothers everywhere. Some mothers were quoted on their experience, how it was traumatic, how they felt inadequate, how they felt like they had the feeling of being violated when their child was breastfeeding. They felt like their bodies were no longer theirs, that they had no control and they were only there to serve, which are horrible feelings for a woman to experience, let alone a mother.

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