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Charity Spotlight

A box of memories

The Sands memory box is a tool for midwives, and those supporting bereaved parents, to provide sensitive opportunities to begin the lifelong process of acknowledging and remembering their baby

Choice as the cornerstone of woman-centred care

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service ([BPAS], 2019a) sees over 80 000 women per year across Britain for reproductive healthcare services including abortion care, pregnancy counselling, miscarriage...

Rainbow Trust neonatal care

Rainbow Trust Children's Charity is an organisation that supports families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness It employs Family Support Workers who work with individual...

Baby Loss Awareness Week: ending the postcode lottery on therapy

In the minutes, hours, days and weeks after a family has learned that their baby has died, the care they receive from health professionals can have long-lasting effects Excellent care cannot remove...

Ask, ‘could it be ICP?’

ICP Support started life as a support and information line in 1991 In the way many charities begin, it evolved out of personal tragedy In my case, that tragedy was two stillbirths and the diagnosis of...

Safer maternity care: addressing variation in community midwifery

Every woman and baby deserves the safest birth experience possible, no matter the place of birth This means ensuring that all professionals have the equipment and training to feel confident, competent...

A project with multiple benefits

Latest data show that multiple births make up 15% of all births in the UK (National Records of Scotland, 2017; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, 2017; Office for National Statistics,...

Holding it all together

How do women experience care during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood amid severe disadvantage? And how do those experiences relate to women's rights to safe and appropriate care, dignity,...

Cancer in pregnancy

There has been a long-standing lack of national data regarding cancer during pregnancy and post birth in the UK This has led to the figures about ante- and postnatal cancer diagnosis being obscured...

Planning for pregnancy

An article in The Lancet concluded that:

The Ups of Down Syndrome

There is an assumption by many in the medical profession that a screen positive result for Down Syndrome equates to a termination More than 90% of women who receive such a result take this option I...

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