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Threat to low-risk birth environments

While all areas of maternity services are currently struggling, the past 3 years in the UK have placed the provision of low-risk labour care at a serious disadvantage (National Institute for Health...

Prisons and midwifery

‘…if a pregnant woman receives a prison sentence, she may come directly from a violent domestic background, which “increases the risk of miscarriage, infection, premature birth, and injury or death...

Improving specialist services for FGM

‘Guidelines introduced by the [World Health Organization] recommend that all FGM survivors have access to deinfibulation, mental health support, sexual counselling, education and information’ .

Maternal sepsis

In a UK study, Bolger et al (2017) examined the impact of a maternal sepsis training package on maternity staff's compliance with their hospital trust's maternal sepsis guideline, as documented in...

De-stigmatising HIV in pregnancy

Victoria Roscow, age 30 years old, is a Manchester-based marketing manager and a woman living with HIV.

Through the looking glass

‘When I stand at her grave now looking at her name, it is as though nothing occurred between the early form-filling and endless medical reports and her premature death. Hers was a life in paper. I...

Second UK conviction for FGM

A similar case took place several years ago. The name and some details have been changed to ensure anonymity. A pregnant woman (given the pseudonym Marion) attended a specialist FGM clinic. Marion...

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

According to Russell (2012), before the 1830s, the name most generally used for morning sickness was descriptive: ‘nausea and vomiting of pregnancy’, or ‘pregnancy vomiting’. By 1856, the new phrase...

Combating female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation can be practised anywhere, but according to UNICEF (2023) data, the highest risk groups are from Africa and Indonesia. Data from the Somali health and demographic survey...

Transgender debate and midwifery

Clive James (2007) wrote that at a 1931 premiere of Charlie Chaplin's film, City Lights, Chaplin told Albert Einstein, ‘they cheer me because they all understand me, and they cheer you because no-one...

Human Donor Milk in Maternity

Elaine was admitted to the postnatal ward following the spontaneous vaginal birth of her firstborn, baby Tom. Elaine had an uncomplicated pregnancy, commenced spontaneous onset of labour and had an...

The Ockenden café initiative

The cafés are organised and attended by a multidisciplinary team that includes obstetricians, midwives, neonatologists, anaesthetists and service user representatives. Students, trainees, maternity...

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