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Cord blood donation

In the late 1970s, while working in a hospital virus lab, I once took receipt of a donated human placenta and umbilical cord It was to enable me to harvest cells capable of supporting the growth of...

What midwives need to know about NMC Fitness to Practise hearings

For most nurses and midwives, the thought of being referred to their regulator is an unlikely nightmare scenario Registrants are not overpaid; many make the choice not to pay to register with a union...

Displaying public health messages on posters is no longer the only option

We live in a society where we can obtain almost any information we need with just the touch of a button The world is seeing a rise in new technology, software applications and innovative ways to...

Using human embryos in research

In May 2016, a team of UK researchers described how they ‘show human embryos develop in medium supplemented with KnockOut Serum Replacement up to day 13 The experiment was stopped at this point...

Caesarean section and evolution

In December 2016, a BBC News item (Briggs, 2016) summarised an academic article by a team of Austrian theoretical biologists with the headline: ‘Caesarean births “affecting human evolution”’

Plastics, pregnancy and precaution

In 1967's The Graduate, Mr McGuire advises Dustin Hoffman's character Benjamin on career prospects: ‘I just want to say one word to you Just one word… Plastics’ McGuire was right; Wilcox et al (2015)...

Preterm birth and maternity leave

According to the UK charity Bliss (2014: 4): ‘There are 78 000 babies born too soon, too small or too sick in Britain each year’ Apart from the parental fear and anxiety accompanying a premature...

Homebirth and the regulator: An abrogation of responsibility

In 2006, following considerable lobbying and consultation, the Mid wifery Committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) updated guidance on the responsibility of a midwife to attend a homebirth...

Ethics of egg freezing

In September 2016, Samantha Jefferies, the 42-year-old widow of a Falklands war veteran, won a High Court case enabling her to keep frozen embryos that she and her husband had created (BBC News, 2016)...

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 is, to put it simply, ‘essential for life’ (Kenny and Tidy, 2016)

Alcohol, pregnancy and the precautionary principle

Philosopher Mary Midgley (1992: 3) observed: ‘As the gap between professional science and everyday thinking widens, it gets increasingly hard to work out in what sense most of us can be said to be...

Optimum care for disabled women

This summer, as the Paralympics GB team soared to success with 147 medals in Rio, a report (Hall et al, 2016) was published which highlights that there is a long way to go in improving attitudes...

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