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Dealing with burnout

In their study of physician stress, Hannan et al (2018) note that in 1974, the American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger first coined the term ‘burnout’, defining it as ‘a state of mental and...

Breast milk donation and bereavement

Choosing to donate breast milk can be a coping mechanism for grieving mothers

The forgotten women of gynaecology

The atrocities of slavery in the USA in the 1800s have been well documented, but the development of gynaecological techniques using female slaves has not had the same acknowledgement Within midwifery...

The place they will be born

Just past ‘Bear Paw Gas and Convenience’ and not far from ‘Talking Earth Pottery’ sits Tsi Non:we Ionnakeratstha Maternal and Child Health Centre The name is Mohawk for ‘the place they will be born’ A...

Vitamin K and ethics

With the Andrew Wakefield MMR and autism scandal, and the subsequent rise of the anti-vaccination movement, today's patients can now be seen as sceptical consumers keen to assert their autonomy, and...

Midwives' voices need to be heard in the safeguarding discussion

There is a growing recognition that safeguarding and protection of young people needs practitioners and professionals to reach beyond the borders of their traditional roles and work together Without...

Migrants and pregnancy

In 2017 there was a global population of 244 million international migrants, including 22 million refugees With the inevitable implications for healthcare as a result of mass population movements,...

Why midwives alone are not enough

Talking to midwives from across Ethiopia and Kenya about the challenges and triumphs of being a clinician, the conversation often turned to where to go next (Box 1) Although there have been...

Smoking and pregnancy

The adverse effects of smoking in pregnancy include miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth and birth defects (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 2015) According to NHS Digital...

I am a midwife who is proud to work in abortion care

The word ‘midwife’ means ‘with woman’ and since embarking on my midwifery training 17 years ago, that is exactly where I have been I have supported women during the elation of becoming a mother, and I...

Vaccines, pregnancy and ethics

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the drug thalidomide was taken by pregnant women to counteract morning sickness —with the result that around 10 000 babies globally were born with limb deformities


Anencephaly is an untreatable and terminal neural tube defect in which most of a fetus' brain, skull and scalp is missing It affects approximately 1 in 1000 pregnancies globally (Cook et al, 2008) and...

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