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Reflecting on emergencies

I have chosen Gibb's (1988) model of reflective practice to make sense of an emergency I experienced while on my first clinical placement in maternity care For the purposes of this article and to...

Reproductive tourism

Although travelling abroad for the sake of one's health is centuries old—Lourdes, for instance, or ‘taking the waters’ in spas—the concept of so-called ‘medical tourism’ has increased in popularity in...

Midwifery and psychological care

Midwifery is unquestionably a noble profession However, in past years, midwifery training and education has arguably overlooked the psychology of childbirth and its impact on parents, families and the...

Breastfeeding: Ethics and evidence

In 1959, the chemist and novelist Charles Percy Snow delivered the Rede Lecture at the University of Cambridge Entitled ‘The Two Cultures’, he highlighted mutual incomprehension between science and...

Experiencing maternal death

Name? Age (if known)? Gravidity and parity? Cause of death? I sit on a block of sandstone outside, under the trees, with the monkeys tumbling around me, and the storm clouds gathering for the...

Supporting survivors of abuse

Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse report that their experiences of pregnancy and giving birth are very difficult and re-traumatising

Care in crisis

I have long had an interest in working for an organisation like Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) (MSF) As a child, I would devour my grandparents' copies of National Geographic...

Donor milk: Science and sensitivity

American humourist Oliver Herford once described charity as ‘the sterilised milk of human kindness’ Yet for more than a century the milk of human kindness has—quite literally—been used for charitable...

Parenthood: Uncharted territory?

It may have taken millions of years for humans to evolve, but when it comes to attitudes, evolution can be rapid

The role of context in midwifery

Lawton (1975) wrote that curriculum is a selection from culture Any midwifery curriculum should be a selection from the local midwifery professional culture, so when we ask whether the content of a...

Repealed the Eighth

The 26 May 2018 was a historic day for the women of Ireland and for the nurses, midwives and doctors who care for them Following a democratic referendum, the people of Ireland voted to repeal the...

Vaccines and the fetus

The vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution, which previously banned abortion, righted a long-standing wrong The vote also vindicated the principles of autonomy and justice,...

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