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Literature Review

Should midwives consider associated psychological factors when caring for women who are obese?

According to the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE, 2010: xiii), ‘obesity is arguably the biggest challenge facing maternity services today’ Obesity is defined as having a body mass index...

Is frenotomy effective in improving breastfeeding in newborn babies with tongue-tie? A literature review

With the increasingly persuasive evidence that breastfeeding provides infants and mothers with significant health benefits (Oddy et al, 1999; Kull et al, 2002; UNICEF, 2010), midwives and other health...

Vaginal birth after caesarean or elective caesarean—What factors influence women's decisions?

Improving women's choice and control over their maternity care has been on the political agenda in the UK for over 20 years (Department of Health, 1993) An area where the issue of women's choice is...

Does antenatal education prepare fathers for their role as birth partners and for parenthood?

Historically, pregnancy and birth have been a predominantly female affair (Robertson, 2007; Caltabiano and Castiglioni, 2008), with limited reports of men being involved in the pregnancy or being...

Clinical handover on the labour ward: A narrative synthesis of the literature

Clinical handover has long been identified as a critical point in patient care Safety and quality are considered key concepts within the provision of services in modern society The publication in the...

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