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800 words to revolutionise midwifery

02 January 2019
Volume 27 · Issue 1


Every midwife is unique, and brings forward a mosaic of past experiences and innovative ideas. How can we take responsibility to maintain this in a pressurised and conforming work environment?

What a great opportunity: 800 words to revolutionise midwifery! Perhaps my naïve ambition is somewhat overstated, yet change is necessary to prevent our nation's incredibly passionate tribe of midwives becoming discouraged by failings of ‘the system’. So what can we do?

Gordon MacKenzie (1998:30) described the corporate world as: ‘a tangled, impenetrable mass of rules, traditions, and systems, all based on what worked in the past […] that exercises an inexorable pull into mediocrity.’ I see parallels between this and the NHS but, as MacKenzie goes on to describe, we can learn to engage with established norms and still bring a sense of enthusiasm and motivation to inspire change. In my final year of study, I've been wondering how to ensure my own longevity in such a demanding career, and I wanted to share some of my attempts to make a difference and to develop when the expectation is to conform.

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