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Barriers to sexual and reproductive health care for refugee and asylum-seeking women

The number of refugee and asylum-seeking women of reproductive age who have migrated to the UK has considerably increased in the last 60 years (Office for National Statistics, 2013) A refugee is...

Pregnant and seeking asylum: Exploring women's experiences ‘from booking to baby’

Pregnant women seeking asylum in the UK are identified as a vulnerable group in society, with specific concerns relating to their health and wellbeing (Aspinall and Watters, 2010) They may have...

Knowledge of pregnancy danger signs and associated factors among Malaysian mothers

In 2013, there were an estimated 289 000 maternal deaths worldwide—most of which may be considered preventable (World Health Organization (WHO), 2014) Direct obstetric causes were a leading factor in...

Fairy tale midwifery—fact or fiction: The lived experiences of newly qualified midwives

Newly qualified midwives are expected to function as autonomous practitioners (Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), 2004) from their date of registration, yet it was apparent locally that there was...

Midwifery services in South Africa and the UK

Maternity services differ across the globe due to access to healthcare provision, political stability, education and population This comparative study will discuss HIV in pregnancy, and attitudes to,...

Caring for a woman with autism in early labour

I have chosen to focus this reflection on a woman who had been diagnosed at a young age with autism Ann* was a 19 year old primigravida who was admitted to the antenatal ward in the latent phase of...

Stillbirth: A reflective case study

This reflective paper seeks to explore some of the issues surrounding bereavement care and the importance of sensitive and individualised care when dealing with bereaved parents Reflection is a key...

An exploratory study into student midwives understanding of the role of the physiotherapist

The role of the obstetric physiotherapist is well defined, during the antenatal phase, they ‘aim to prevent or alleviate the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy and labour’ Postnatally, they...

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