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The politics of pay

In the world of politics, September 2014 was a fascinating month for the UK, not least because the people of Scotland voted in a referendum to determine their future identity as a nation Of great...

The culture of midwifery and autonomy

In previous columns this year I explored the impact of recent NHS reforms and health policy on UK midwives and maternity services I suggested that these reforms might be of interest and significance...

Composite indicators

Composite indicators are seen as an objective and efficient method of measuring performance in the NHS In this month's column, I will examine both the strengths and the potential pitfalls of this...

Healthcare system reform and professional identity

Recently I have been reflecting on my experiences as an independent midwife from 2000 to 2001 and as part of a group practice between 2001 and 2003 While at times challenging and emotionally...

Politics: A matter for midwives?

Mention the word politics in ordinary conversation and many people begin to glaze over Such disengagement seems increasingly common, and is often attributed to a disillusioned electorate Maybe the...

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