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Fear of childbirth in nulliparous and multiparous women in Australia

A total of 141 nulliparous women and 212 multiparous women completed the W-DEQ and FoBS questionnaires (the primary outcome). The DASS questionnaire was completed by 138 nulliparous women and 204...

Health-seeking behaviours of pregnant adolescents: a scoping review

This study was developed based on Arskey and O'Malley's (2005) scoping review methodology. According to this framework, there are six stages: (1) identifying the research question, (2) identifying...

Importance of vitamin D during the antenatal period for maternal well-being

The best source of vitamin D is exposure to natural sunlight and 90% of vitamin D is derived from sunlight with 10% derived from food and plant sources (Paxton et al, 2013; Cannell, 2019)...

Male child preference: Is it a risk factor for antenatal depression among Iranian women?

Depression is increasingly recognised as a serious, worldwide public health concern and a cause of disability (Klainin et al, 2009) It is well known that pregnancy and the postpartum period may be...

Midwives' experience of offering anti-D immunoglobulin to women: The importance of choice

Informed decision-making enables women to make choices that reflect their own beliefs and preferences and is at the heart of provision of woman-centred care There is evidence that women want...

The case for collaborative learning: Introducing opportunities in the higher education setting

There is evidence that parents want information and services around pregnancy and birth to be consistent and seamless, with different agencies and departments within health care working together, and...

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