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Maternal mental health and breastfeeding duration: the role of optimism and coping strategies

Participants were recruited using an existing database of 1505 individuals who had previously taken part in studies on breastfeeding carried out by the second author and colleagues (Keevash et al,...

Psychometric proprieties of the Arabic Cambridge worry scale among pregnant women

To facilitate tool translation and validation, a cross-sectional design was used for this psychometric study. Recruitment took place in five maternal and child health centres in Irbid city in north...

Pregnancy in a pandemic: generalised anxiety disorder and health anxiety prevalence

Pregnancy is an occurrence which can be synonymous with anxieties and concerns (Rathbone and Prescott, 2019). Research suggests pregnant women are three times more likely to develop anxiety or an...

Sociocultural factors associated with the development of postnatal anxiety symptoms

Childbirth and the postpartum period expose women to various social, biological and psychological changes Although these changes may lead to individual growth and fulfilment, some women may also be...

Pregnancy-specific health anxiety: symptom or diagnosis?

Anxiety is an innate human response to situations that cause fear, worry or concern It is experienced cognitively, emotionally and somatically Certain levels of anxiety are expected and typical when...

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