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Birthing outside the guidelines: a qualitative study of student midwives' experiences

A generic qualitative approach was used for this study, as it allowed the researcher to investigate opinions, beliefs or reflections on experiences (Percy et al, 2015). It is an approach that Caelli...

Understanding Mordel: obtaining informed consent for trisomy screening

Screening for fetal anomalies during the antenatal period remains a controversial issue in midwifery and reproductive health practice. The traditional ‘Down's syndrome’ antenatal screening pathway is...

Autonomy and its impact on midwifery practice

Autonomy is not a new concept in midwifery Although not explicit, the term autonomy has been embedded in the definition of a midwife (International Confederation of Midwives [ICM], 2011) Reiterated in...

Never be afraid to question practice: the professional dilemma of a student midwife

Midwives must be autonomous practitioners, a stipulation of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2018) This article will present a case study in which I was presented with the challenge of...

Part 2: A model for evidence-based decision-making in midwifery care

This is the second part of a two-part paper in which a new model of evidence-based decision-making for midwifery is proposed In part 1, the case was made for a fit-for-purpose decision-making model on...

Part 1: A model for evidence-based decision-making in midwifery care

Decision-making in midwifery care differs from that of many other areas of health care Midwives work with primarily healthy women who are going through a normal physiological process, but also a...

Fairy tale midwifery—fact or fiction: The lived experiences of newly qualified midwives

Newly qualified midwives are expected to function as autonomous practitioners (Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), 2004) from their date of registration, yet it was apparent locally that there was...

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