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Breech presentation

Breech presentation and moxibustion: should it be offered to improve maternal outcomes?

The research question was formulated using the population, intervention, comparison and outcome framework. A comprehensive search was undertaken using Maternity and Infant Care, Medline, Cochrane...

Women's perception of choice and support in making decisions regarding management of breech presentation

In order to explore women's perception of choice and support in the management of breech presentation, it is important to gain an understanding of their knowledge and preferences on the subject. This...

Maternal and neonatal outcomes for the gentle caesarean section in breech presentation

The gentle caesarean section (GCS) is a woman-centred technique described by Smith et al (2008) as an improvement for the conventional caesarean section (c-section) The GCS aims to optimise several...

Should midwives learn to scan for presentation? Findings from a large survey of midwives in the UK

Fetal lie and presentation in the late third trimester have traditionally been determined by abdominal palpation using Leopold's manoeuvres or a similar technique Although accuracy may be increased...

Moxibustion: An alternative option for breech presentation

The safest mode of birth for a breech-presenting fetus has been a topic for debate among researchers and clinicians for decades (Walker, 2012; Evans, 2013; Odent, 2013; Homer et al, 2015) Women with a...

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