Obesity matters: the skills that strengthen midwifery practice when caring for obese pregnant women

Community midwives who took part in this study are based in various health centres and GP surgeries, and ensure that every woman in every geographical area has access to midwifery services.

From handover to takeover: should we consider a new conceptual model of communication?

Clinical handover has long been an important topic among both clinicians and academics interested and involved in patient safety in healthcare It is widely recognised that clinical handover represents...

The importance of language in maternity services

Communication is imperative for high-quality, safe healthcare (Levinson et al, 2010; Vermeir et al, 2015; Foronda et al, 2016) Communication between patients, health professionals and local...

Eating disorders in pregnancy: practical considerations for the midwife

It is estimated that 5–8% of women may be experiencing an eating disorder in early pregnancy (Micali et al, 2016; Bye et al, 2018a) Eating disorders fall into four main categories: anorexia nervosa,...

The influence of partners on feeding: A personal reflection

In this article, I will critically reflect on an encounter with a breastfeeding woman and her husband that highlights issues of partner support, cultural influences and, in light of these, meaningful...

Communication with health professionals: The views of pregnant women with a raised BMI

Women with a raised body mass index (BMI) of ≥30 kg/m2 have an increased risk of pregnancy-related complications and adverse outcomes (Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries, 2010) For most adults,...

Barriers to success: smoking cessation conversations

The concept of public health involves national and local health initiatives, health education and the creation of social and physical environments to protect and promote population health (Dawson and...

Creating and maintaining compassionate relationships with bereaved parents after perinatal death

It is well recognised in the literature that the quality of the relationship between the midwife and the woman is central to the quality of care provided during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal...

Perinatal deaths of migrant mothers: Adverse outcomes from unrecognised risks and substandard care factors

Stillbirth rates in the UK have consistently been among the highest in Europe (Flenady et al, 2011) One contributory factor may be the heterogeneity of the UK population, including the raised...

Embedding the 6 Cs: Problem-based learning the Bradford way

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an educational strategy that has been used in medical and other health-care education since its development at McMaster University in the 1970s (Barrows, 1996) PBL...

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