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Weight management during teenage pregnancy: Issues to consider when developing appropriate support

Teenage pregnancy rates continue to decline in England, and are now at their lowest level since 1969 (Office for National Statistics, 2017) While this is heralded as a success, under-18 conception...

Bump Start: developing and piloting a healthy living group intervention for obese pregnant women

Maternal obesity (a body mass index (BMI) of 30kg/m2 or higher at the first antenatal consultation) is a key modifiable risk factor in pregnancy The health problems linked to maternal BMI for both...

Cultural considerations in postnatal dietary and infant feeding practices among Chinese mothers in London

Zuo yuezi (ZYZ)—which, by direct translation, means ‘sitting the month’ or sometimes ‘doing the month’—is a traditional Chinese practice of confinement and convalescence for women for a full month...

Choice of planned place of birth for women with diet-controlled gestational diabetes mellitus

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is an asymptomatic pregnancy-related condition normally identified by initial screening followed by diagnostic testing (Carr, 2001) The condition is a risk factor...

Micronutrients and the use of vitamin and mineral supplements during pregnancy and lactation

Optimal birth weight is often seen as the primary indicator of a positive pregnancy outcome, while a low birth weight or a baby born small for gestational age (SGA) is indicative of impaired fetal...

Vitamin supplementation and nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The developing baby in the womb is completely dependent on its mother for its nutrient supply, so the quality of the maternal diet is extremely important During pregnancy, increased intake is required...

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