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Initial care during miscarriage in the emergency department: a discussion of international context

Abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding are typical signs of pregnancy complications, and usually prompt women to seek healthcare (Mwilike et al, 2018). In Brunei Darussalam, women experiencing a...

Adolescent women's perspective of pregnancy in Iran: a qualitative study

This descriptive qualitative study used a thematic analysis approach (Braun and Clarke, 2006), and was conducted by combining data from urban and rural primary healthcare centres. All centres and all...

How does social media influence expectations, decision making and experiences of childbirth?

This literature review focused on qualitative research, to gather insight from rich data about women's experiences (Aveyard, 2019). Initial searches were undertaken in April 2022 in CINAHL Plus,...

Iranian women's birth experiences: a cross-sectional study

A total of 126 women were included in the study. The majority were 20—35 years old (90.4%) and the mean age was 27.17 ± 5.71 years. Most women were housewives (96.0%), had primary education (52.6%)...

Midwifery students and routine discussion of birth experience in the early postnatal period in hospital

During training, midwifery students are educated and supported in providing emotional and psychological care to women during the postnatal period Women often have increased psychological needs...

Experiences of student midwives in the care of women with perinatal loss: A qualitative descriptive study

Around 1/200 births in the UK result in stillbirth and about 1/400 infants die within the first 4 weeks of life (Office for National Statistics, 2015) Those women who experience perinatal loss (as a...

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