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Family planning

Use of contraceptives in a high-income population: a cross-sectional study in Indonesia

This study used a cross-sectional design to collect data from 10 districts/cities in the East Java province: Sidoarjo, Gresik, Mojokerto, Lamongan, Pasuruan, Ponorogo, Malang, Jombang, Malang City and...

Induced abortions in Pakistan: an afflicting challenge needing addressal

Unsafe abortion is one of the major causes of maternal mortality that accounts for approximately 4.7%–13.2% maternal deaths every year (Say et al, 2014). In developing countries, every year, nearly...

Quality of family planning services delivered at health posts and associated factors

Family planning refers to utilisation of various types of fertility control methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies It helps individuals or couples to have children to assure the well-being of...

Unmet need for family planning among Myanmar migrant women in Bangkok, Thailand

More people are on the move than ever before People migrate from one place to another for the purpose of getting better opportunity for jobs and lifestyles across the world The global level of...

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