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Is access to NHS tongue tie services equitable for mothers and babies in the UK?

All babies are born with a lingual frenulum (mucous membrane tissue under the tongue) that is part of normal oral anatomy. Ankyloglossia is defined as ‘a congenital anomaly characterised by an...

Ankyloglossia management: a collaborative approach to educating healthcare professionals

Prior to 2013, there was, and remains, a lack of formal educational programmes available across the UK for the management of tongue tie, which includes training for division of the frenulum. Others...

Tongue-tie and breastfeeding: Identifying problems in the diagnostic and treatment journey

Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is a common condition with a prevalence between 02 and 107% (Segal et al, 2007; Francis et al, 2015; Power and Murphy, 2015), and is defined as an embryological remnant of...

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