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Infant feeding

Supporting vegans through pregnancy and lactation

The number of British people who identify as vegan has quadrupled in the last five years (The Vegan Society, 2019) Indications are that nearly half of the vegans in the UK made the change in 2018...

Revised standards of proficiencies for midwives: an opportunity to influence childhood health?

The first 1 000 days of life, from conception until a child's second birthday, are significant in terms of influencing childhood health (Black et al, 2016; Cusick and Georgieff, 2018; House of Commons...

‘You're kinda passing a test’: A phenomenological study of women's experiences of breastfeeding

Despite an increasing research base about what helps or hinders breastfeeding, there is a dramatic drop in breastfeeding prevalence within the first 6 weeks (Health and Social Care Information Centre,...

Does frenotomy improve breastfeeding problems in neonates with ankyloglossia?

Breastfeeding is the natural way of providing neonates with all the nutrients they need for growth and development; with exclusive breastfeeding recommended for the first 6 months of life (World...

Cultural considerations in postnatal dietary and infant feeding practices among Chinese mothers in London

Zuo yuezi (ZYZ)—which, by direct translation, means ‘sitting the month’ or sometimes ‘doing the month’—is a traditional Chinese practice of confinement and convalescence for women for a full month...

Alternatives to breastfeeding: The use of goats' milk in infant formula

‘The scaling up of breastfeeding to a near universal level could prevent 823 000 annual deaths in children younger than 5 years and 20 000 annual deaths from breast cancer’ (Victora et al, 2016: 475)...

Is goat milk infant formula a safe alternative to cows' milk infant formula?

There is no doubt breastfeeding is the gold standard of infant feeding There is extensive evidence of its nutritional benefits for the infant alongside health benefits for both the infant and the...

Gastro-oesophageal reflux in the neonate: Clinical complexities and impact on midwifery practice

Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GOR) is a commonly reported phenomenon encountered in the initial weeks of neonatal life, and is a normal physiological process which usually occurs following feeding...

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