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Influenza vaccination in pregnancy: A review

Influenza (or ‘flu’) is a highly infectious viral illness of the respiratory tract, with a usual incubation period of 1–3 days (Public Health England, 2013a) It can be spread by respiratory droplets,...

What should midwives know about Zika virus infection?

On 1 February 2016, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the recent outbreak of cases of fetal microcephaly linked to Zika in South America an international public...

Urinary catheterisation: Indications and complications

Increasing numbers of women, either during the birth process or in the postnatal period, require an indwelling urinary catheter for a number of reasons This could be because the woman requires a...

Common skin complaints in neonates

Alongside the midwife's role in antenatal care and during birth, responsibilities extend to some care of the newborn in the first few weeks of life, during which time a variety of skin problems may...

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