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Building strong foundations in leadership and management for midwifery students

There are a limited number of studies concerning midwifery leadership and management, even more so in terms of studies that relate to students. In addition, midwifery leadership and management are...

Interprofessional team trust in maternity services: a service evaluation

By adopting a critical feminist stance, this study aimed to illuminate women’s voices in what is described as a predominantly male-orientated NHS organisational culture (Davies, 2003). Despite...

Digital health innovation to support sensitive enquiry about female genital mutilation

The ‘Let's talk FGM’ app was an MSA project. App development followed the phases and outputs of NHS Innovations South East (2014) as a project guide, namely: planning, developing app content, design...

Where are the consultant midwives?

Nearly two decades ago, the role of the consultant midwife was recognised at national level across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and more recently in Wales In England, the role was introduced by...

A review of midwifery leadership

Manchester coroner Lisa Hashmi identified ‘poor midwifery leadership and staffing levels as well as ambiguities in the Trust's guidelines’ (Gray, 2016) as key factors in the death of a newborn baby...

Person-centred care in practice

While undertaking a Person-Centred Care in Practice (PCCiP) masters module, I began to reflect on relationships within maternity care I wondered if midwifery remained as the ultimate relational, women...

Engaging critically with the concept of advancing professional practice

In recent years, the role of the midwife has been expanded beyond what was traditionally seen as its core responsibilities This has been in response to a number of service demands and the changing...

An audit into supervisors of midwives experience of supervision

An audit was undertaken to explore supervisors of midwives' (SoMs') experience of supervision across a local supervising authority (LSA) Supervision forms part of the professional regulation for...

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