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Maternity care

Experiences of maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic in the North of England

To ensure relevance across stakeholders, a service improvement survey was co-produced by two NHS Trusts, three local MVPs, three local authorities (LAs) and four clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)....

A qualitative study of women's experience of a perinatal group health-promoting programme

An investment in strategies to promote ‘a healthy start to life’ is thought to reduce health inequalities across the entire course of life (Marmot et al, 2012) Extensive research has been conducted...

Supporting the transition to parenthood: Development of a group health-promoting programme

High-quality perinatal care is of central importance to public health and the broader agenda for global health (ten Hoope-Bender et al, 2014) In antenatal care, the focal point has shifted from...

Barriers to sexual and reproductive health care for refugee and asylum-seeking women

The number of refugee and asylum-seeking women of reproductive age who have migrated to the UK has considerably increased in the last 60 years (Office for National Statistics, 2013) A refugee is...

The case for collaborative learning: Introducing opportunities in the higher education setting

There is evidence that parents want information and services around pregnancy and birth to be consistent and seamless, with different agencies and departments within health care working together, and...

Pregnant and seeking asylum: Exploring women's experiences ‘from booking to baby’

Pregnant women seeking asylum in the UK are identified as a vulnerable group in society, with specific concerns relating to their health and wellbeing (Aspinall and Watters, 2010) They may have...

Maternity care for undocumented migrant women: The impact of charging for care

Migrant access to public welfare, including health care, has become increasingly contested throughout Europe In the UK, public services in particular, but also private citizens and civil society...

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