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Providing mental healthcare for postpartum women in Indonesia: a qualitative phenomenological study

The research design was descriptive phenomenology, drawing on principles from Edmund Husserl's philosophy (Johnson, 2000), which focuses on the concept of ‘life-world’ or ‘lived experience’. The study...

Changes in care in the fourth trimester in Ireland: 2010–2020

As a result of its appropriateness in researching experiences through time (Bleakley, 2005), a narrative approach to the inquiry process was used, which is a qualitative research methodology (Chase,...

Women's decision-making about mode of birth after a previous caesarean section

Despite the World Health Organization ([WHO], 2015) consensus that rate of caesarean section (c-section) should be between 10%–15%, because higher percentages are not associated with a reduction in...

Exploring community midwives' perceptions of their work experience after deployment in the rural areas of Chitral, Pakistan

Globally, the maternal mortality rate and neonatal mortality rate remain persistently high (World Bank, 2015) Globally, there are 216 maternal deaths per 10 000 live births every year In South Asia,...

Non-pharmacological pain management strategies for labour: Maintaining a physiological outlook

Labour pain is complex and multifaceted, existing within an individual perception and context, and arising from individual physiology, psychology and cultural perspectives Notions of ‘normal labour’...

Intimate partner violence and pregnancy: How midwives can listen to silenced women

Domestic violence towards pregnant women is both a serious public health and human rights concern Intimate partner violence (IPV) has been defined as any incident or pattern of incidents of...

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