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Midwifery students

Students stand at the door: exploring views on professionalism in midwifery spaces

A group of final year midwifery students participated in the conversation about professionalism. When some of the conversation was performed by one of the researchers, there was consensus that the...

Being bullied as a midwifery student: does age matter?

The increased numbers of older students undertaking midwifery education (Carolan, 2011) adds an interesting dimension to the issue of bullying on clinical placement With research on bullying still...

Enhancing inter-professional education through low-fidelity simulation

The increased recognition of midwives as lead professionals in low-risk pregnancy and birth, and the proliferation of midwifery-led units within the NHS, have raised the profile of midwifery in the...

Impact of immediate vs delayed feedback in a midwifery teaching activity with a simulated patient

Simulation is defined as ‘a technique, not a tech nology, to replace or amplify real experi ences with guided experiences that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully...

Evaluating postgraduate midwifery students' experiences of a model of blended learning

The Master of Midwifery Practice (MMP) is a newly accredited postgraduate midwifery course offered in a university in Western Australia, and successful completion of the course leads to registration...

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