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Neonatal death

Lactation after loss: supporting women's decision-making following perinatal death

Perinatal death affects 54 out of every 1 000 births in the UK (Draper et al, 2019) and is classically defined as a stillbirth (where a baby is born in the UK with no signs of life after 24 completed...

Life after death: The bereavement midwife's role in later pregnancies

Milton Keynes University Hospital offers a bespoke antenatal care pathway to women who have suffered a previous loss, by offering care led by their community midwife at their GP's surgery or being...

Clinicians in the classroom: The bereavement midwife

One in 200 births in the UK ends in stillbirth, and of those, 1 in 3 occurs at term (37+ weeks' gestation) According to MBRRACE-UK (Draper et al, 2015: 7), ‘although there has been a small reduction...

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