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Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis viewed as a postpartum complication

Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) is a rare type of stroke caused by a clot forming in one of the intracranial sinuses and subsequent blockage in blood drainage. Even though venous...

Primiparous women's narratives of confidence in the perinatal period

Pregnancy and childbirth are described as transitional phases or existential thresholds that childbearing women have to cross These events are multifaceted experiences with many dimensions, unique for...

Vitamin D reduces postpartum depression and fatigue among Iranian women

For many women, the days after childbirth are associated with the experience of depression and fatigue (Klainin and Arthur, 2009) Fatigue has characterised by ‘a lack of energy, profound tiredness,...

Caring for women with thyroid disorders in pregnancy

Thyroid disorders are prevalent in women of childbearing age and may therefore present during pregnancy Awareness of the implications of thyroid disorders in pregnancy is therefore essential to ensure...

Postpartum physical activity and sleep levels in overweight, obese and normal-weight mothers

Lack of physical activity and sleep are two key risk factors for numerous physical and psychological health-related issues (Colten and Altevogt, 2006; Center for Disease Control (CDC), 2015) Lack of...

Women's experience of their sexual function during pregnancy and after childbirth: a qualitative survey

Women's sexual function is a multifaceted phenomenon that mirrors psychological, physiological, sociocultural, inter- and intra-personal influences, including the health of the whole body and internal...

Exploring postnatal depression, sexual dysfunction and relationship dissatisfaction in Australian women

Symptoms of postnatal depression are the main mental health problem following childbirth and are characterised by serious mood changes, sadness, hopelessness, feeling of worthlessness, fatigue,...

Postpartum morbidities in Iranian women 5 years after childbirth: A longitudinal study

Women's health after childbirth is attracting a more appropriate level of consideration than it has in the past (Vanderkruik et al, 2013) The incidence and prevalence of postpartum health issues...

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