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Fairy tale midwifery ten years on: facilitating the transition to newly qualified midwife

Seminal work (Kramer, 1974) indicated that newly qualified practitioners experience a reality shock on initiation of first post, which is supported by subsequent literature (Maben and Macleod-Clark,...

An evaluation of the midwifery Pre-Qualifying Skills Passport in Wales

Four universities in Wales offer validated midwifery pre-registration education programmes and they all include assessment and grading of practice in line with the Nursing and Midwifery Council...

Does preceptorship support newly qualified midwives to become confident practitioners?

Preceptorship is defined by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) as a time when a newly qualified registrant is supported and guided to make the transition from student to competent practitioner...

Midwifery preceptorship: The next chapter

Research has found that, while newly qualified midwives are competent to practise, they would benefit from preceptorship programmes providing a structured, supportive culture to enable them to develop...

Preparing for your preceptorship midwife interview: A student's guide

The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry (Francis, 2013) highlighted how service users were receiving substandard care where staff did not exhibit core values such as care and...

Practitioners' views and barriers to implementation of the Keeping Birth Normal tool: A pilot study

The use of unnecessary interventions in labour and birth continues to rise A rate of > 19% is seen as medically unnecessary by the World Health Organization (WHO) (Gibbons et al, 2010); in Europe,...

Transition to midwifery: Collaborative working between university and maternity services

The first few months’ experiences of a newly qualified midwife's first post have an impact on the individual's confidence and the overall quality of the maternity service offered to the women and...

An audit into supervisors of midwives experience of supervision

An audit was undertaken to explore supervisors of midwives' (SoMs') experience of supervision across a local supervising authority (LSA) Supervision forms part of the professional regulation for...

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