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Public health prevention in maternity programme: supporting the local system

Programme priorities were refreshed in 2021, informed by local healthcare data on the scale of potential benefit and maternity system requirements, among other criteria. Objectives for each new...

Intervention for preventing postpartum depression: a systematic review of studies in Indonesia

The review method in this literature review was informed by systematic review methodology (Khan et al, 2003). The studies in this review had to meet following criteria: participants were women in...

Understanding the vulnerability of a baby's skin to help treat and prevent nappy rash

The first breath taken within seconds of birth is a vital role allowing the lungs to fill with air (Kenner and Lott, 2014)—signifying the moment the baby is now living in a gaseous (air) environment...

Revisiting infant nappy dermatitis: Causes and preventive care

Infant skin cleansing is a controversial topic and one about which proponents of different regimes have strong opinions (Hugill, 2014) Nappy rash and nappy dermatitis are broad terms used to describe...

More needs to be done to prevent Group B strep infection in the UK

Group B streptococcus (GBS) is the most common cause of sepsis and meningitis in infants less than 3 months of age (Heath and Schuchat, 2007; Stoll et al, 2011) Of those babies infected, about 10% die...

Think pink! A sticker alert system for psychological distress or vulnerability during pregnancy

Effective empathic communication between midwives and women and their families is imperative to deliver good and effective clinical care Women who report good communication from their health...

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