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An exploration of the development of resilience in student midwives

This longitudinal research study adopted a case study approach with one cohort of participants over the first 18 months of their undergraduate midwifery programme. The aims of the study were to...

New academic year, new challenges: Tips for student midwives to maintain momentum and motivation

The emotional and physical demands of the pre-registration midwifery programme should not be underestimated A ‘traditional’ degree generally has a 26-week academic year; however, since student...

Vicarious birth trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder: Preparing and protecting student midwives

The focus of the theoretical aspect of the first year of the pre-registration midwifery programme is on low risk and physiological birth; however, the clinical area is dynamic and unpredictable in...

Coping with end-of-year assessments: a survival guide for pre-registration midwives

Summer is a busy time of year in the academic calendar, with student midwives coming towards the end of clinical placements while preparing for oral and written assessments Standard 15 of the...

Courage, commitment and resilience: Traits of student midwives who fail and retake modules

A previous article considered the relevance of Hunter and Warren's (2013) findings to pre-registration midwifery education, and whether student midwives were adequately prepared to deal with the ever...

Navigating the midwifery undergraduate programme: Is resilience the key?

The midwifery undergraduate programme is challenging; to be successful, student midwives are required to navigate both academic and clinical practice demands To date, little is known about the...

Mindfulness in maternity: Evaluation of a course for midwives

There is increasing literature to suggest that mindfulness-based interventions may address a variety of psychological problems (eg Grossman et al, 2004; Dimidjian and Goodman, 2009; Duncan and...

Midwifery in the 21st century: Are students prepared for the challenge?

Resilience can be defined as ‘the ability to maintain personal and professional wellbeing in the face of ongoing work stress and adversity’ (McCann et al, 2013: 61) Stress is an individual's reaction...

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