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Skin care

Nappy rash: current evidence for the prevention and management

Nappy rash, also known as diaper rash, nappy dermatitis, diaper dermatitis or irritant diaper dermatitis, is one of the most common skin conditions found in infants and is an acute inflammatory...

Revisiting infant nappy dermatitis: Causes and preventive care

Infant skin cleansing is a controversial topic and one about which proponents of different regimes have strong opinions (Hugill, 2014) Nappy rash and nappy dermatitis are broad terms used to describe...

Common skin complaints in neonates

Alongside the midwife's role in antenatal care and during birth, responsibilities extend to some care of the newborn in the first few weeks of life, during which time a variety of skin problems may...

Infant massage: The practice and evidence-base to support it

The practice of infant massage is not a new phenomenon It is a part of nature—at birth, mammals massage their newborns by licking and grooming them to encourage their body systems to normalise...

Neonatal skin cleansing revisited: Whether or not to use skin cleansing products

Midwives are commonly asked by parents for advice on how they should clean their newborn infant and what should they use on his/her skin The answers are not as straight forward as might be supposed...

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