Systematic review

Active warming after caesarean section to prevent neonatal hypothermia: a systematic review

Skin-to-skin contact (SSC) has many benefits for the physical and emotional wellbeing of both newborns and their mothers (Boundy et al 2016; Moore et al, 2016;). Although SSC is a well-established...

What enables or prevents women with depressive symptoms seeking help in the postnatal period?

Up to 20% of women experience a mental health problem in the perinatal period, (the period spanning conception to 1 year after birth) (Bauer et al, 2014) The immediate and long-term costs of perinatal...

Acupuncture versus antidepressants in the management of postpartum depression: A systematic review

Postnatal depression is a significant global health issue and affects 26–85% of postpartum women who experience the so-called ‘baby blues’ Of these, 10–15% have been found to deteriorate to a major...

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