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Digitally enabled perinatal mental health programmes' role in contemporary maternity care

Families need prompt access to evidence-based treatment to improve outcomes. Adversity faced by infants who have a mentally unwell parent, although not universal, can create lifelong challenges, but...

Family economic resilience and early childhood parenting practices

Family plays an important role in child care, which influences the success of the nation's plan to realise a ‘golden Indonesia’. This concept prioritises family development to encourage creation of a...

Pregnancy care for maternal and fetal wellbeing: an ethnography study

This research was conducted by a research team, which included a team leader, who was a maternity specialist nurse and researcher, as well as several other members, both male and female, who had...

Importance of vitamin D during the antenatal period for maternal well-being

The best source of vitamin D is exposure to natural sunlight and 90% of vitamin D is derived from sunlight with 10% derived from food and plant sources (Paxton et al, 2013; Cannell, 2019)...

Mindfulness in maternity: Evaluation of a course for midwives

There is increasing literature to suggest that mindfulness-based interventions may address a variety of psychological problems (eg Grossman et al, 2004; Dimidjian and Goodman, 2009; Duncan and...

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